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  1. May 03,  · Love the people God gave you, because He will need them back one day. ~Unknown It’s been kind of an emotional weekend for me Some of you may remember that my professional training is in Public Health. I’ve worked in the non-profit world for more than 30 years until January when I officially created [ ].
  2. If he did, you wouldn’t even have to wonder whether you are in a one-sided relationship or not. A man who genuinely cares about and loves his woman will be interested in her day-to-day life. He will check on you all the time to see if you’re [ ].
  3. It is done by appealing to Christ’s infinite love and mercy. But you can’t just go around rehearsing that “God is Love” (1 John ) and then be done with it. John is awesome but it’s just one verse! God wouldn’t have given you all of those other verses if he didn’t want you to read them and apply them.

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